Growing Your Online Dating Relationships

Geplaatst op 17-03-2023

Like anything else in your life, in this case relationships and online ones, they need time to grow. Need time to get to their best. Yes, things will always be a bit bumpy and maybe awkward for the first few dates but with these here tips, you will learn that its normal (NOT that it isn’t working out) and that you just need to give them time to grow.

1. You need to spend time with your online date. To not would be neglecting them, and no one likes to be neglected. You need to treat each other with respect here, so if you don’t got the time, make the time. If you want the time, give the time. You desperately need to spend time with your online date before they can feel comfortable meeting you in real life. So make the time needed to satisfy your date and yourself.

2. Don’t rush things, take your time. If it’s one big mistake you can do when online dating, it would be rushing things. Yeah you’re eager to get into this, but they need to feel comfortable with you. And to achieve this goal, you would just need to understand that she or he needs time before meeting, needs time before so and so, and so on. You don’t want her or him to not feel right talking to you because you keep rushing things. You can’t be pushy or you’ll push them away.

3. You NEED to respect their privacy! You aren’t married yet so you don’t got that excuse to get nosey. Now yes asking ‘Hey, where were you? I was waiting for you for like an hour now’ is okay, because you wouldn’t want him or her to be cheating now, but privacy is what THEY got, its THEIR thing, don’t intrude in it until they open it to you.

4. Get him or smiling with this one. Share things online and off. For me, I sent my online girlfriend a nice necklace I ordered online and had shipped to her, and I only knew her address when she was ready to give it to me naturally. She still wears it to this day and she loves it! When we finally met, she gave me a necklace of my own. So it’s like something special between us now, we both always wear the necklaces each other gave us as a small, yet big,  reminder of our love. Do things like that, or like me and mine, we use Skype to talk, and Skype comes with games you and your talker can play, also allows links and sending files easy, perhaps write her something and send it, or link her some funny sites that she or he may like. Just be thoughtful.

There you have it, you need to take care of your relationship as you would take care of anything else that you hold dear to yourself. It’s the best way to make it the best and get the best from it. Good luck!